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JB Ventures is your party in RapidPrototyping. This is basically the layer by layer 3D printing of a product from a (thermoplastic) polymer.

A prototype of your product within 24/48 hours thanks to 3D-printing

Using our 3D printing technology, we can quickly provide you with a working prototype within 24/48 hours. This way you quickly get hold of a tangible specimen. It’s often the case that something still has to be adapted on the product design. Following any necessary optimization; the 3D CAD design is suitable for small production runs from a silicone mould or injection moulding production in larger runs.

The main advantage of silicone moulds

The investment in an injection mould can be considerable. With a silicone mould, you can introduce an intermediate step in an affordable way in order to obtain 20 to 30 injection moulding-like products at very little investment. You can use these for the purpose of testing them or for promotion. This way you keep the costs as low as
possible when introducing a new product.

How do we set to work?

Plastics prototypes are realized using 3D printing technology, 3D CNC milling or by means of vacuum casting from a silicone mould:

  • SLS: using a laser, fine nylon powder is fused together into a finely detailed finished product based on 3D CAD design.
  • FDM: using a movable extrusion head, polycarbonate plastic is built up layer by layer into an accurate impact resistant product.
  • SLA: by means of a UV laser beam, a UV-sensitive liquid is cured layer by layer to form a product with ABS polymer-like properties.
  • 3 CNC milling (XXL Prototyping): large products are produced from ABS polymer in expo quality including polishing or finish in RAL colour.
  • Vacuum casting is a copying technique to realize a small run of injection moulded-like products with low initial investment.
  • Z-corp colour printer: this technology is based on the bonding of very thin layers of ceramic powder in colour. Highly suitable for (technical) scale models and concept models.

Want to know more about (rapid) prototyping?

RapidPrototyping.nl is an independent division within our company and serves as a service agency for making prototypes within 24/48 hours. Speed is our standard! Call us on +31 (0)548 620 880 or ask for information about rapid prototyping without obligation.