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JB Ventures constructs and produces your moulds in-house.

Moulds for injection moulding production are manufactured in-house or under direction so that our specific know-how and production experience are fully utilized in the tooling.

Warranty on your tool

We have Moldflow analysis software at our disposal for the purpose of indicating flow behaviour and product quality in advance. Furthermore, we give you a shot guarantee per mould that indicates how many pieces can be produced from your mould.

Producing moulds - how do we go about it?

Depending on product, run or customer wishes, we are able to realize your moulds and tools across 3 processes:

  1. Unhardened steel / aluminium injection moulds (soft tool) for small and medium sized runs (in-house).
  2. Manufacture of hardened steel production moulds with maximum performance (in-house).
  3. Production of steel/hardened steel production moulds under our direction at branch in China (large projects with short lead times under own direction).

Need small runs?

Then consider a silicone mould! For smaller runs, these can be cast under vacuum from one or more affordable silicone moulds.