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Injection moulding production

JB Ventures has its own injection moulding shop. We will gladly take your product idea into production. We realize products from 0.1 to 1,500 grams in small to middle sized runs (50-500,000 pieces).

Modern injection moulding machines

Our production unit has modern injection moulding machines available for the injection moulding of your product, including 1 vertical machine for plastic injection around inserts (PCBs, gold contacts, metal components, etc.).

All our machines are built for the processing of technical and high temperature plastics and it goes without saying that 'general purpose plastics’ are no problem.

Are you starting the first production?

We can imagine that you want to be present at the launch of the first production of your product. You are welcome to attend the start-up with us. Always a great moment for you as a customer and us as a manufacturer!

Customer specific assembly

After production, we go one step further if you wish. Do you have any ideas on how you want to have the product assembled, processed, packed or put into stock? This can also be customized for you in order to provide a complete solution.