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Make History!

With this case our client Anouk van der El has her say. She explains her product idea and her experience of JB Ventures as a development partner. “There are some moments you want to cherish for life. As far as we know, time travel has not yet arrived, so Time Capsules have been developed in order to be able to preserve and relive the happiest moments of your life from now on.”

"The Time Capsules ensure that your memories are kept safe and in style. Moreover, they are the perfect gift for the birth of a baby, a wedding, a farewell to a colleague or friend, or another special milestone."

Prototype/0-Runs production/Production

"Working closely with JB Ventures and Ivan Kasner of OfficeOriginair, the 3D drawings were prepared. Using a stereolithography model and flow simulation, the final mould was also immediately looked at. With the production realized from a silicone mould, within two weeks we were surprised with around twenty prototypes, which could hardly be distinguished from the final injection moulded product. This allowed us to feel out the market without major investment, prior to investing in a production mould. It soon became clear that the Time Capsules were going to be a success. The mould was made and the injection moulding production was launched within 6 weeks. The Time Capsules are fully assembled and stocked by JB Ventures. A great team to work with!”

Time Capsules legend

“We’ve had a fascination for the time capsule since the early ‘70s. In those years, every month, Andy Warhol filled a removals box with trivia of his daily life and left it in store, sealed and dated. It was only after his death that 612 'Time Capsules’ were discovered. The staggering contents travelled around the world as an exhibition and can now be permanently viewed online. Other legendary 'time capsules' are the golden LPs with sounds and symbols of our earthly civilization that were shot into the cosmos by Voyager 1 and 2 as a 'gift' to intelligent Martians in 1977.”

Creator/owner Anouk van der El