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Achieving the right solution together

In this case, our client Watson-Marlow Bredel explains. They talk about their product ideas and how they have experienced JB Ventures as a development partner.   JB Ventures is the development partner of Watson-Marlow Bredel; the companies have a long-term cooperation.

Plastic lid for new pump

“In 2010 we started with the development of a new pump with, what was for us, a new plastic lid. We approached several suppliers for the lid, but it was only JB Ventures who dared to take up the challenge. During this process, we teamed up with JB Ventures and went looking for a good and producible solution."


"Although we encountered several problems en route, JB Ventures always believed in the end result and we can now look back on a successful project and a product that meets our needs."

Martin van Voorthuizen
Project Manager at Watson-Marlow Bredel B.V.