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About JB Ventures BV

JB Ventures BV is a compact company that is strong in the development, prototyping, production and assembly of plastic products with high quality and added value. We take care of the entire process for you: from idea to finished plastic product. The organization is characterized by providing quality, speed and innovation. We are your one stop shop for the realization of plastic products.

Everything under one roof

JB Ventures BV differentiates itself in the market by bringing together knowledge, product development, prototyping, mould maker and injection moulding production under one roof at our location in Nijverdal.

Your idea translated quickly in to a tangible form

Due to short lines between the different departments, we are able to quickly provide a tangible or functional prototype of your idea or elaboration. Using our 3D printing equipment, we are able to provide you with a prototype within 24/48 hours.

Low costs in the preliminary phase

Another advantage is a small run with which you can start with us if you wish. Not every product has the luxury of being able to be turned out in large runs. Precisely because the initial stage of your idea may be risky, we offer you the opportunity to start with small runs using vacuum casting from a silicone mould. Only when you have enough support for production, is an injection mould realized. Hence you have little risk, reduced costs and plenty of room to give your idea form.

Examples of our work

Products which have been developed and/or produced by us that you may come across daily:

  • Pentair; water filtration
  • Philips; LED lighting
  • Simco; static electricity application
  • Global Science Inc.; dental prostheses digitization.
  • Ossur Europe
  • Try Out
  • Twinny Load
  • Aqua Solutions International
  • Watson-Marlow Bredel