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Our policy

We are an organization that always strives for quality, innovation, sustainability, continuity and satisfied customers. JB Ventures thereby complies with applicable laws and regulations. To achieve this we have set up a management system in which all critical moments in the field of quality and environment are safeguarded.

What’s important to us?

  • Lean: That we are an efficient and effective company. Tightly organized and without unnecessary frills.
  • Enterprising: That we are a company that bustles with entrepreneurship. Where people behave as if it were their own business and where they think about our long-term continued existence.
  • Performance oriented: That we are a company that has a good grip on its processes and where there is successful cooperation within and also between disciplines.
  • Involved: That our people are engaged are and take responsibility. That we are a company that is populated by good people who understand their profession and are proud to be part of JB Ventures.
  • Customer oriented: That we are a company that is fully committed to its customers.

From idea to finished product

From idea to finished product is the starting point in our CSR policy. We hereby state that we take responsibility towards our relations, our employees, and also towards the environment and the society to which we belong. The responsibility to develop and manufacture products and prototypes in a safe, smart and responsible manner. Safe in the broadest sense of the word, wherein everyone's health is central and our surrounding environment is respected.

The three core themes of Corporate Social Responsibility; People, Planet, and Profit are key to our policy.